4 Seasons

Winter Activities

Every place has a time that best showcases all its character and charisma, the time that brings out all its spirit and character. For Bansko, this time is the wintertime!

Winters in Bansko last long and the snow falls thick, and its famed ski resort is the best and most modern in all Bulgaria. For almost five months, from December to April, a smooth, white blanket covers everything in sight, and the ski resort is bustling with life! Skiers and snowboarders of all ages from all around the world roll in by the thousands to Bulgaria’s premier ski resort and enjoy its state of the art facilities.


Whether you ski or snowboard, whether you are a beginner or an expert, Bansko caters to your every wish. From ski and snowboarding schools, to ski kindergarten and other kid friendly activities, to extreme sport facilities such as paragliding and heli-skiing, to cross-country and winter mountaineering expeditions, your inner snow lover will cherish every second here.

As to where accommodation is concerned, look no further. Premier Luxury Mountain Resort welcomes you to this enchanted winter wonderland in its lavish facilities and wraps you in a blanket of coziness and comfort. After a full day of frolicking in the snow, the best thing to look forward to is returning to your luxurious suite, enjoy a delicious, heartwarming meal and rest by the fireplace, watching the playful marigold flames and sipping a hot cup of cocoa.

Create warm memories of a delightful, cold winter in Bansko’s Premier Luxury Mountain Resort!


Spring Activities

Spring, a beautiful time of year where everything seems to come to life. The days in Bansko are getting longer and the sun is shining brighter, inviting you to blossom and rejuvenate, much like the nature around you does. During the springtime, the hills around Premier Luxury Mountain Resort come alive, bursting with the scents of apple blossoms and fresh grass, and the sounds of chirping birds spreading their wings and learning how to fly.

Open your window and smell the flowers, admire the cloudless skies, breathe in the gentle mountain breeze and enjoy all the springtime activities that you so longed for during the winter. So shake off your winter blues, put on your hiking shoes and get outdoors.


Hiking in the forest, soaking up the sun while bike riding or feeling wild and free horse-back riding; some ideal ways to explore and witness the harmony of Bansko’s nature! Take a stroll in the town of Bansko, admire the traditional architecture, stroll around its picture-perfect park, and feel like a local in the small coffee shops and craftsmen’s workshops.

After all this, what better way to conclude a sun-kissed and sweet smelling day of spring? Pamper yourself with a relaxing and soothing massage treatment session in “Le Spa” and unwind, getting ready to embrace another glorious, full of energy day in Bansko, feeling as fresh as spring!

Make your own bouquet of magical springtime memories by checking out Premier Luxury Mountain Resort’s special springtime offers and book your reservations now!


Summer Activities

Its summer and the memories are waiting to happen in Bansko! This is the season for adventure and fun, for summer love and summer weddings, for ice cream cones and pitchers of freshly brewed homemade ice tea and lemonade! Enjoy the sunshine streaming through cloudless skies and bathing Bansko in its warm embrace.

Summer in Bansko brings out the adventurer in you! Trekking in the mountains, horseback riding tours, paintball games and even hunting are only some of the activities that you can enjoy in the warm summer days. The weather is perfect for long walks admiring the wild animals that roam the forests, exploring the mesmerizing nature or simply lazing in the sun and staying cool by the pool.


Premier Luxury Mountain Resort is the perfect a starting point for all your summer explorations as well as the ideal ending to all your exploits. Enjoy a frosty beer to quench your thirst after a long day of fun in the sun; prepare for a cool summer night in the town of Bansko’s numerous bars and night clubs, or one of the famed summer music festivals; the possibilities are endless.

Premier Luxury Mountain Resort can also be the perfect scenery for a chic and romantic summer wedding. Leave every aspect of the planning of this one-in- lifetime day in our expert hands and simply stay cool in anticipation of your treasured day! Please contact our customer service for details concerning such venues, as well as special honeymoon packages for newlyweds and their families.


Autumn Activities

As summer gradually falls into autumn, a festival of color slowly engulfs the magnificent scenery of mount Pirin. Turn in your sandals for thick socks and boots and get ready to surrender to the most colorful season of the year, and harvest the memories of autumn in Bansko. The fallen leaves crunch under your feet, the crisp breeze flushes your cheeks and the sound of chipmunks and squirrels hiding their nuts away for the winter transport you to the enchanting kingdom that is Bansko in the fall.

Autumn is the time for nostalgic holidays, for soul searching midday walks in the leaf-strewn woodlands, for hot chocolate and spiced pumpkin pies. Just as nature turns over a new leaf, this is the right time for professional renewal, for progress and growth.


Premier Luxury Mountain Resort is the cozy haven not only for your laid back autumn days and crisp fall nights, but also the ideal venue for any corporate event, conference meeting, and seminar for your business, surrounded by the rust-colored hues of the Pirin forest. Create your very own exemplary convention with the expert help of our in house event planners and state of the art equipment. Don’t miss out on our conference package deals and business rates, book your reservations now!

So make the best of this transitional season, either personally or professionally in the rustic atmosphere of the Pirin Mountain and the idyllic locale of this alpine-like region. Cuddle up in your comfy suite as you wait for the first snow to cover the mountaintops, and harvest the fruit of all your endeavors.