Romantically yours


Your Wedding

Your Wedding

The picture-perfect town of Bansko is charming every season of the year. Every month Mount Pirin chances colors and atmosphere!
Every day is the perfect day to live an unforgettable wedding experience in Premier Luxury Mountain Resort.
Our Event Management Team will take care of all the details and will assist, propose and suggest the best for the venue, the reception, the decoration, the menus and your accommodation for a romantic and unique wedding to remember!

For your guests there is a full range of activities both at the mountain or the town; as for the happy couple there is a series of romantic treats guaranteed to make your wedding a stress- free and unforgettable experience!

Your honeymoon

Your honeymoon

What could turn your honeymoon into a cherished memory?

Is it a honeymoon suite with an indoors Jacuzzi?

Romantic surprises like champagne, candles and rose petals?

How about candle-lit dinners with lavish dishes?

Or a day at the ski resort of Bansko with your VIP Ski Pass?

Could be some of that, could be more!

Trust us for a honeymoon experience in Bansko colored by the impressive view of the mountain, scented with nature’s aroma, enhanced with personalized services, “sprinkled” with romantic surprises that the world of Premier Luxury Mountain Resort has created just for you two! Just for two newlyweds that seek the best honeymoon experience in Bansko!