Welcome to Premier Luxury Mountain Resort Bansko hotel

Welcome to the lavish world of Premier Luxury Mountain Resort, the 5-star Hotel in Bansko, Bulgaria.

You are looking at one of the finest Bansko hotels! Get ready for a magical trip to a world of hospitality enriched with activities suitable for nature lovers, families, and sport aficionados.


Mount Pirin’s natural beauty, combined with Premier Luxury Mountain Resort’s impeccable facilities and welcoming ambiance, results in a retreat that elevates your vacation in Bansko to a higher level of indulgence! Travelers can also experience Pirin National Park, the famous Unesco World Heritage site, which is just a breath away from this Bansko hotel.

This holiday experience will certainly become a cherished memory of a place you will always wish to return to!

An all-season destination in Bansko...

Winter in Bansko hotel PREMIER

Winter in Bansko is just magnificent! The first snowfalls cover Pirin’s mountaintop in December and the longest ski period of the Balkans begins!

The fireplaces are ablaze to warm you up after your day of frolicking in the snow and the cups of warm cocoa await to cheer your wind-stricken cheeks!

From December to April, when the weather is cold and the snowfall is thick, Premier Luxury Mountain Resort is the perfect setting for a comfy, cozy and active winter holiday, as well as prime choice to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s with glamorous events and galas that reflect the cheerful mood of the season!

Take advantage of the VIP Ski Passes which this Bansko Hotel provides only to residents and make the most out of your holidays as this magic pass allows you to skip all queues at the Gondola!

from skiing, to stories by the fireplace

Summer in Bansko hotel PREMIER

Summer in this Bansko hotel is delightful! Mount Pirin’s forest is all green and lavish! In Premier Luxury Mountain Resort the doors are open and all the action is transferred outdoors!
The luscious fragrance of the trees and flowers, the refreshing crystal clear air, the sun beaming all over the resort!
Spend your summer holidays in Bansko and Premier Luxury Mountain Resort; relax by the swimming pool, enjoy the sweet summertime, savor the fresh fruit and vegetables at the restaurants and the bar; hike, ride, and explore Pirin National Park, the famous Unesco World Heritage site; make a fresh start and become a whole new you!!!


Bansko in the Summer time has plenty to offer. Explore the hiking paths starting directly from our hotel and enjoy the freshness of the nature. Use this time to practice, gather mushrooms or fresh berries or enjoy a forest BBQ fully prepared for you by the Premier Team.

In the summer time, Bansko is a lively town hosting many festivals, such as the world famous Bansko Jazz Festival, the Theater Festival, the Folklore Magic Festival, the Cinema Under the Stars, The Opera Fest, the Balkan Fest and many more!

Whispers of a cool summer night’s breeze in Bansko...

What makes PREMIER Bansko Hotel stand out?

The reasons are countless but let’s point out what makes Bansko hotel PREMIER a unique accommodation choice in Bansko, Bulgaria!

The warm welcome and effortless smiles by the people of Premier Luxury Mountain Resort!

The comfortable and elegant rooms and suites!

The palate-pleasing dishes of our restaurants and bars.

The convenient location at the foothills of Mount Pirin, offering easy access to the ski center as well as the town of Bansko!

The all year round variety of activities available.


The indulging massage therapies and beauty treatments at Le Spa.

The state-of-the-art venues for all corporate meetings and memorable events.

The special offers and affordable packages for stylish vacations all year long!

The happenings and special events organized by the Premier Luxury Mountain Resort!

Your departure with smiles, beautiful memories, a relaxed spirit, and the promise to come back!

The exclusive VIP Ski Pass provides immediate access to the off-shore ski resort, available at premium rates only for our hotel guests.

Loved and formed by nature…

The atmosphere in Bansko Hotel PREMIER

The atmosphere around Premier Luxury Mountain Resort varies depending on the season!

The warmth and coziness of wintertime turns into the blossoming freshness of spring; in its turn to the carefree joy of summertime and the romantic allure of autumn!

The indoor and outdoor premises of this Bansko hotel co-exist in harmony and respect with the surroundings, honoring nature’s beauty.

Challenge yourself in seasonal activities, savor delicious dishes prepared with fresh, local ingredients, or pamper yourself with luxurious beauty treatments; all in the loving atmosphere of Premier Luxury Mountain Resort.

Inspired by love and loyalty…

Experiences in Bansko

Every day is a new adventure in Bansko and Premier Luxury Mountain Resort!

Every moment presents an opportunity for a new discovery; every corner hides a new surprise!


You can choose between an exciting day full of activities or a relaxing and carefree day of leisure; the possibilities are endless.

The festive winters in the snow-filled slopes of Bansko will make you never want to leave!

One of the visitors' favourite experiences is exploring Pirin National Park, the famous Unesco World Heritage site, which is just a breath away from the resort.

Premier Luxury Mountain Resort Bansko hotel will be your home away from home in this Premier holiday destination!

Exciting and thrilling...

Bansko Hotel Concierge services

When the time comes to evaluate your holiday, it all comes down to one element, the most important element of all; the concierge services.

Here in Premier Luxury Resort we take care of you during every single minute of your stay! We are by your side to cater to you every need, such as arranging personal transfers or bus shuttle transportation, helping you pick and plan an activity, reserve event tickets or simply offer information!


For schedules, availability and pricing, please consult our reception.

There is no task too big for this Bansko hotel, and that is not a promise but our commitment to efficacy and excellence!

Our hotel also provides a number of more sophisticated services to enhance the convenience of your stay, such as the exclusive VIP Ski Pass for ski lifts, personal concierge, babysitting services and Animation for children. For requesting more information, availability and prices, please contact our reception.

You will definitely promise to return!

A promise to return to Bansko!

Rooms & Suites in Bansko

Attention to detail, comfortable furnishing, stylish décor, luxury and elegance along with modern amenities are found in each and every one of the 22 different room and suite types of Premier Luxury Resort Bansko hotel. With the diversity of our rooms & suites, we promise that here your wishes will be covered and your needs will be met!


Friends searching for the best accommodation to rest after an active day, families looking for a safe and sound room, honeymooners in pursuit of a romantic retreat, executives participating in a business meeting find in Premier Luxury Mountain Resort the ideal room or suite, tailor-made to their particular needs and wishes!

PREMIER rooms & Suites are divided in 4 unique categories, offering different room types, in-room amenities and service. Our rooms & suites are divided in Smart Collection, Executive Collection, Residence Collection and Premier Collection and offer the best of all accommodation worlds. Bansko is the place to be; make the Premier Luxury Mountain Resort your resort to be!

Wake up in nature’s soothing embrace…

Spa Facilities at PREMIER Bansko Hotel

Le Spa of Premier Luxury Mountain Resort in Bansko, Bulgaria was made simply for your beauty and rejuvenation! Massages, beauty treatments and therapies are performed by professional, licensed therapists.

Relaxing by the indoor swimming pool, filled with hot Thermal Water, working out at the gym and so much more elevate your mood and heal your body and spirit! Do not waste time; book an appointment for a massage or a sauna detox session in this Bansko Spa and leave all else behind!

Love your body, heal your soul…

Drinks & Bites in Bansko

Two restaurants and a bar are the gastronomic havens in Premier Luxury Mountain Resort Bansko hotel!

Whatever mood you may be in, the Dionysos and Amvrosia Restaurants will offer you such rich, fresh and delicious tastes that will delight your palate and leave all your senses exulted! If you are looking for the best restaurant in Bansko, you have come to the right place!

The Premier Luxury Mountain Resort restaurants will guide you on an unforgettable gastronomic trip around the world!

As for your aperitifs, cocktails, drinks and beverages, the Nectar Bar is open and ready to indulge you with sips of liquid pleasure!

Gastronomic trips to satisfy all your senses…